Sustainable living solutions that build financial wellness — whether you rent or own your home.

Green Bean is a sustainability rewards platform that simplifies home electrification, energy efficiency, and beyond.
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Fits to your home
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Trusted by sustainability leaders

Slash your energy bills and carbon footprint

Life is about choices. With Green Bean, the clean choice is finally the easy choice.
"I've been going as green as possible, but the problem is the high knowledge level needed and lack of one stop to find products... exactly what Green Bean is looking to overcome"
- Tim
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Build a culture of sustainability

71% of employees say companies who prioritize sustainability are more attractive employers.
Boost engagement
90% of employees engaged in sustainability are more satisfied.
Retain talent
Appeal to the growing majority of workers who value sustainability.

Green Bean is here to help you champion sustainability

Green benefits your people will love. Integrate climate into your HR strategy with our platform that makes employee sustainability easy.
Get started
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Employee perks
Access exclusive employee discounts and stipends.
Expert assistance
Speak with a Green Advisor for any tough challenges.
Policy navigation
Navigate available tax credits and rebates.
Emissions tools
Find the most impactful ways to use less energy.
Learning and development
Workshops and webinars designed to educate and engage.
Tracking and reporting
Measure, track and reduce your emissions and energy use.

Lean, mean, Green Bean machine.

We simplify your journey to zero emissions, so you can focus on building your dream home.

Reduce energy bills by making every electron count

Upgrade to best-in-class home appliances.
Prevent energy leakage.
Utilize smart home controls.
Employee-specific panel showing an employee's progress toward net-zero.A person smiling while looking out a window.

Power your home with clean energy

Switch to a clean utility.
Install solar panels on your roof.
Store your own energy at home.
Employee-specific panel showing an employee's progress toward net-zero.A person installing rooftop solar panels.

Cut out fossil fuels from your commute

Switch to an electric car.
Install an electric vehicle charger.
Get to work with an e-bike or e-scooter.
Employee-specific panel showing an employee's progress toward net-zero.A person using an electric vehicle charger.

Build a culture of sustainability at work

Reduce commuting emissions.
Celebrate sustainability champions.
Reach ESG goals.
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Instantly bring sustainability to your people strategy

Green employee benefits that inspire, tailor made for HR teams.
Learn more
Employee-specific panel showing an employee's progress toward net-zero.
Reduce turnover
Fight climate change
Build trust
Attract talent
Promote ESG
Cleaner commutes
Improve resilience
Adapt to WFH
Team building
Quality deliverables
Enable collaboration
Foster purpose
Retain talent
Engage employees
Lead climate action
Quality reporting
Set goals
Synchronize everything
Manage teams
Meet headcount goals
Stand out
Embed sustainability

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We're here to help you live sustainably.

Sustainability: empowered

The ultimate wellness benefit, tailor-made for HR teams.