Green Bean was started to enable transformative climate action

Doing good for the planet and future generations should be a part of everything we do.
US households
of US emissions
A home with solar panels.
Our Mission

Make sustainable living easy

Climate change affects all of us. Working together is the best way to bridge the gap between desire and action—so that sustainable becomes the new status quo.
Our Values

Together, we can stop climate change

We're committed to building a network that can drive lasting, meaningful change in the way we live.
No Greenwashing
We partner with vendors that reduce your carbon footprint.
We believe that climate action must be a collaborative effort.
We will always be open and honest—no matter the situation.
We have what it takes to solve the climate crisis. We just have to get to work.

Our team

Wyatt Miller

CEO, Co-Founder

Wilson Morse

COO, Co-Founder

Sustainability: empowered

The ultimate wellness benefit