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Green Benefits: The Ultimate Employee Wellness Program

Mentally, physically, financially: your team thrives when the health of the planet is a priority.

The data is unmistakable.

People are really, increasingly, worried about our climate.

More than two-thirds (a whopping 70%) of Americans today experience climate anxiety, the overwhelming feeling of dread that the world as we know it is doomed. And who can blame them? The fact is that there’s a certain attitude of helplessness that haunts the concept of climate change.

If you’re not a massive corporation with the ability to snap your fingers and remove tons of carbon from the atmosphere, it often feels like the only solution is to throw in the towel and simply hope the powers that be will make things get better. Climate action feels gatekeeped, expensive, and plain difficult to the average person. This mismatch of desire and perceived ability is mentally draining to say the least. The question becomes, simply, how do we make it easier for people to reduce their emissions?

The missing piece in this puzzle is collaboration.

If we’re going to reach net zero goals and protect the livability of this planet, we need to empower as many people as possible to be climate heroes.

Here is, of course, where employers come in.

Prioritizing the planet as an organization assuages not only the mental effects of climate anxiety, but also brings financial and physical wellbeing for your team along with it.

Saving the planet saves money in the long term. And, in case you didn’t know, a clean planet is essential for clean living.

Green Bean was founded to enable climate collaboration on an organizational level and empower America’s workforce to take tangible steps to transition to sustainable lifestyles. It’s clear to us that HR can play a truly meaningful role in the clean energy transition just by removing some of the roadblocks and friction facing employees as they decarbonize their lives. That’s why we’re so excited about green employee benefits. Your company can be a climate hero just by centering sustainability and providing an alternative to that feeling of helplessness brought about by climate change. Offering green employee benefits is a no-brainer. Make it easy to decarbonize, and make it easy to do good. Your team and the planet will thank you for it.

Wyatt Miller
CEO @ Green Bean
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The ultimate wellness benefit, tailor-made for HR teams.